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Cyclic and torsional fatigue resistance of thermally treated rotary NiTi instruments with different designs

Introduction: The aim was to evaluate the cyclic and torsional fatigue resistance among thermally treated NiTi rotary instruments with different design features. Materials and methods: Sixty instruments of three systems were used (n=20): TruNatomy 26.04 (TN 26.04), BassiLogic 25.05 (BL 25.05), and Flat File 25.04 (FF 25.04). The cyclic fatigue test (n=10) was made in an artificial stainless-steel canal at an angle of 60° and a 5-mm radius of curvature at. The torsion test was performed to evaluate the torque ( and maximum angular deflection until fracture (n=10). The fracture surface of each fragment was examined under a scanning electron microscope. The data were analyzed by Tukey’s test (p<0.05). Results: BL 25.05 and FF 25.04 instruments had a higher number of cycles and time to fracture compared with TN 26.04 (p<0.05). TN 26.04 instruments showed lower torque to fracture. Conclusions: Based on the proposed objectives and the methodology used, TruNatomy 26.04 instruments present lower resistance to cyclic fatigue and torsional fatigue when compared to BassiLogic 25.05 and Flat File 25.04 instruments.

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