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Comparative Analysis of the Apical Extrusion of Debris Caused by Different Manual Instrumentation Techniques

The instrumentation stage in endodontic treatment is associated with the extrusion of debris to the periapex, which can lead to postoperative symptoms and delay in apical repair. The present study aimed to perform a comparative analysis of the apical extrusion of debris caused by two different manual instrumentation techniques. Thirty permanent lower central incisors were randomly selected and distributed into two groups (n=15) according to the technique used: (T1) manual instrumentation with cervical preparation burs and stainless steel files, and (T2) manual instrumentation with M nickel-titanium files. The extruded debris were collected in tubes, weighed before and after instrumentation. Three consecutive weights were obtained for each tube and the average was calculated.

The data were analyzed using the t-test, with p-values less than 0.05 considered significant. Both techniques caused apical extrusion of debris, being greater in group T1 (0.0011) than in T2 (0.0002), with a statistically significant difference.

CONCLUSION: The manual instrumentation technique with cervical preparation burs and stainless steel files showed greater apical extrusion of debris than the manual instrumentation
technique with M files.

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