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Evaluation of apical transportation and centring ability of five thermally treated NiTi rotary systems

Aim To evaluate apical transportation and centring ability during root canal preparation in mesial root canals of mandibular molars associated with ProTaper Gold (PTG), ProDesign S (PDS), Hyflex CM (HCM), Hyflex EDM and ProDesign Logic (PDL).

Methodology Sixty mandibular first molars with two separate canals in the mesial root were selected after root anatomy pairing by microcomputed tomography (microCT). The teeth were randomly divided into five groups (n = 24); the root canal volume was calculated to ensure sample homogeneity. All the root canals were prepared up to size 25 in accordance with the instructions of each rotary system manufacturer. After root canal preparation, the teeth were scanned by microCT to analyse apical transportation, root canal centralization and the pre- and post-preparation root canal volume at the apical and cervical levels. Kruskal–Wallis and Dunn tests were used for comparisons amongst groups for transportation values. For volume changes, the parametric ANOVA and Tukey’s tests were used.

Results There were no significant differences in apical transportation amongst the rotary systems (P > 0.05). All the systems created apical transportation; values ranging from 0.031 mm (PDL) to 0.072 mm (PTG), and enlargements between 39% (HCM) and 91.1% (PDS) were observed. In relative to cervical transportation, significant differences were observed amongst the systems (P < 0.05). Mean transportation values between 0.07 mm (HCM) and 0.172 mm (PTG) were found, with enlargements between 35.4% (HCM) and 51.5% (PDS).

Conclusion All the thermally treated systems resulted in similar apical transportation. In the cervical region, the Hyflex CM and Prodesign Logic systems were associated with more centred preparations.


apical deviation, centring ability, CM-wire, NiTi, root canal preparation.

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