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Investigation of the Efficacy of Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation Versus Irrigation with Reciprocating Activation: An Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopic Study

The objective of this ex vivo study was to compare the efficacy of passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI) versus a new activation system using reciprocating motion (Easy Clean [EC]; Easy Equipamentos Odontológicos, Belo Horizonte, Brazil) to remove debris from the root canal walls at 6 predetermined apical levels using environmental scanning electron microscopy.

Methods: Mesiobuccal root canals of 10 mandibular molars were prepared with a 30/.05 final instrument. The specimens were embedded in flasks containing heavy body silicone, cleaved longitudinally, and 6 round indentations were made into the apical region of the buccal half at 1-mm intervals. The same specimens were used to prepare a blank control group (no debris), a negative control group (completely covered by debris), and 2 experimental groups: PUI and irrigation with reciprocating activation. Standardized images of the indentations were obtained under environmental scanning electron microscopy and assessed by 2 examiners.

The amount of debris was then classified using a 4-category scoring system. The kappa test was applied to determine interexaminer agreement, whereas the Kruskal-Wallis, Dunn, and Friedman tests were used to compare scores.

Results: The EC group had results statistically similar to those of the blank control group for all 6 root levels examined. The PUI group had results statistically similar to those of the negative control group for the 3 most apical levels and similar to those of the blank control group for the 3 most cervical levels.

Conclusions: Activating the irrigant with a reciprocating system (EC) promoted more effective debris removal from the more apical regions of the root canal when compared with PUI. (J Endod 2016; 1–5)

Key Words: Debris, endodontic irrigation, environmental scanning electron microscopy, reciprocating motion, ultrasonics.

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